“I refuse to marry a woman with a dented reputation”, he said.

One of Zambia’s most beautiful and famos woman Iris Kaingu has been dumped by her boyfriend after sleeping with him. According to Kennedy Katumbi (the man who had engaged her) Iris is not a woman for a man like him to marry because her image is dented especially on social media.

Mr Katumbi said that since he engaged Iris in June 2018, he has been receiving disturbing messages from his friends and relatives who were telling him to stop dating a an immoral woman. “I really suffered verbal and emotional abuse during my relationship with Iris.

I had sex with her 8 times but still I can’t marry her because of her image with society especially on social media”, he said. Mr Katumbi has since wished Iris well in her future marriage.



  1. Mr Katumbi, please can you say that really for the lady you really wanted to marry, even mentioning the number of times you slept with her? It’s unzambian Mr Katumbi. Iris deserves respect. She is just human and what has been said about her, not all is true. Let’s respect our Zambian ladies.

  2. baKatumbi were I come from you do not spit were you’ve been especially palwalala, because then what does that make you? You were even counting how many times olo kufwaya ukupange ishina baguyi?

  3. I don’t if this man exist or not ? Why going that far denting the broken imagine even more ? Are you a Zambian who lives in Zambia who have not heard anything about Iris Kaingu ? Young man just keep your balls and penis well. We don’t come out open like the way you have destroyed yourself and a lady. Who do you think can be impressed with the times you did with her ? To me that’s dog sex.
    Remember that if you go to bed with the itching anus , you will wake with the smelling finger. Iris made herself a dirt name before you started dating her, she has been taken to court, came out and continue with the same behaviour and today you want to denounce her through social media ? You’re such an idiot.

  4. Katumbi you so foolish and very selfish and disrespectful. Are you telling me that you were not aware of Iris issue before you proposed her?? That’s even not the way real men comes out, show her the respect she deserves. By the way that’s GBV and you can get arrested in case you didn’t know, you are abusing her psychologically. Shame on you nigga

  5. Comment: The lady is just an ordinary citizen. Why is her private life being followed by social media “journalists”? and for a long time now. If you are ugly leave her alone as she has nothing to do with your low ego.

  6. U just wanted to use her selfish man, are u marrying Iris or what the public are saying. U knew Iris and her closets before u made her ur girlfriend. Just back off dont look for silly excuses u never loved her

  7. Comment
    what a foolish man, you should have stopped with her quietly not coming on media and counting number of times you have fucked her.my bro if it was my sister ngawaleendela mumwela foolish man.

  8. Comment:this is too much the guy is childish and it’s too of irish where to u get the news? Let’s concentrate on our things she is just human please

  9. Comment:you are not a real man ba katumbi.you can even straighten a prostitute from the bar to become a marriege material provided you are serious with her.you relationship with iris was not based on who she really her but you just wanted to taste what others has tasted.foolish guy leave such ladies to us strong hearted guys not u to ma replica

  10. This is the reason why I decided to date white men because they will never bring the past in the present, iwe ka Katumbi or whatever you call yourself, you are such an idiot. Iris is a very beautiful woman, a respectable man will come and love her despite all this shit you are taking about.

  11. The Problem with some ladies is that they want their lives to be lived in the media, no sane person would want to be that exposed where even his kiss to the wife becomes news, the pregnancy becomes news, a small misunderstanding within the house becomes something for public consumption, when you undress you want the news to catch you nudity, what kind of life is that in an African context??????, even the Eswatini love affair with a very beautiful lady is not deliberately publicized but comes out due to public probing, but where you volunteer private news to the public and call yourself a wife to be, I think it is total nonsense.

  12. This should not have been news. Leave Iris alone. At least she is bold enough to live her life publicly. The man is just an idiot.

  13. Why are social media “journalist”so obsessed with Iris? Guys, she is beautiful, just try your luck. I’ve thought of it but finances


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