“We had no food, we wanted to have money to buy mealie meal”, they said.

A couple of Samfya that admitted killing a two-year old boy and removing his heart for sale to a local businessman has been ordered to hang by the High Court for murder.

High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe sentenced Bonaventure Mwewa,27 and his wife and Esnart aged 22 both of Kabanga village after the couple was convicted for the murder of Osward Chola. The couple admitted killing the boy but said they did that due to poverty as they had nothing to eat at home.

This is in a matter in which the couple was arrested early this year after their attempt to sell a human heart to a prominent Samfya businessman misfired.

Sitting in Mansa last week Justice Chembe said that there was overwhelming evidence that the duo were guilty of murdering Chola contrary to section 200 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

She said the accused persons acted with a common purpose of acquiring a human heart which they had planned to sale and make money.

Justice Chembe further observed that the duo did not show any remorse when they were given chance to defend themselves and that both of them had traits of a psychopath who only thought of themselves.”How do you kill someone just to make money for your meaiel meal?”, the judge asked

The judge said that both the accused persons were a danger to society as they thought they were clever to get away with anything and needed needed to be taken away from the face of humanity.

Justice Chembe said she was satisfied with the prosecution’s evidence that was brought forth through by the State witnesses that the accused killed the boy.

“I have since found the two guilty as charged and sentence them to death by hanging,” she said.


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