Scientists say Bras are not good for women’s health and that it should be discarded, do you agree?

“Anytime I don’t have to wear a bra is a good day.” – Amanda Seales

It is the dream of many young girls to grow to the stage of wearing bras because to them, it is a sign of maturity. The innovations which the under-garment has received over time is also another reason why it has become so popular, fashionable and very essential to lots of women around the world.

Modern bras are able to give ladies the desired shapes and sizes they want their breasts to have – something many women admits boosts their confidence; and has made bras a very important part of their clothing.

Scientists however, have advised women against wearing bras, while some say that its use should be limited, others say it should be discarded out-rightly and even banned due to its health implications.

According to new scientific findings put forward by Save A Link To Cancer – a cancer research and awareness organization, wearing of bras continuously leads to the development of malignant breast cancer, non-malignant breast cancer and breast fibrocystic disease.

Although every lady admits their breasts look beautiful, amazing and attractive in bras, many believe the price of possible cancer is one too big to risk. Thus, there is an increase in the amount of women who ditch bras daily.

Dr. Gregory Heigh, a health research specialist in his report on Bra in juxtaposition to women’s health said that 90% of women can experience great improvements in their breast fibrocystic diseases if they stop using bras. His research proved that there is a connection between wearing bras and lymph drainage damage.

In another research conducted by French academia, professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, in which he observed the breast changes in 330 women aged 18-35 over a 15-year period of time.

Rouillon’s research showed that the age long belief that bras help to prevent back pains and support breasts against sagging is entirely false.

His findings showed that wearing bras has no advantage what so ever – whether medical, physical, anatomical, etc. It sure doesn’t prevent it from sagging either! In fact, bras do the exact opposite of what we think it does, except of cause that it makes our breasts beautiful, but is this worth the risks?

Surprisingly, the study by Professor Rouillon showed that women who avoided wearing bras actually had a lift in their breasts measuring 7 millimeters; this means that women need to ditch bras if they want a breast lift, how interesting.

Science has given us a reason to ditch bras, but do you agree? Let’s hear your thoughts!


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