Dr Guy Scott

By Mwape Mbelela

FORMER Republican vice-president Dr Guy Scott says he had warned Chishimba Kambwili, Kelvin Bwalya Fube and other PF members against allowing President Edgar Lungu to take over the party but they did not listen.

Dr Scott, who was president Michael Sata’s confidant and co-founder of the PF, said he had told Kambwili and others in the PF that having President Lungu at the helm of the ruling party would lead to tears.

In a Facebook posting, KBF said leaders in government should never forget loyal people who helped them get into power.

KBF, who was recently dismissed from his position as PF deputy elections chairperson, says one’s enemies are not external but those they wine and dine with.

He has become critical of his party and is now being called a rebel by those close to President Edgar Lungu.

Before his dismissal, KBF called for elections in the PF from top to bottom saying the mandate of the current executive had expired, a view which was supported by Chishimba Kambwili.

But President Lungu accused KBF and Kambwili of having presidential ambitions and wanting to take over his position.

KBF was dismissed a few days after President Lungu’s comments on his proposal while Kambwili is now facing disciplinary charges in the PF for allegedly calling Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda a wizard.

In reaction, KBF said he was shocked by the dismissal as he had done a lot for President Lungu to get an adoption for the PF presidency after Michael Sata’s death.

KBF also disclosed how he spearheaded the acquisition of an injunction against a convention that elected Miles Sampa as PF leader to allow President Lungu to file his nominations for the January 2015 presidential election.

He also disclosed how he and a few others intimidated Dr Scott to leave the party leadership and allow President Lungu to contest the 2015 presidential election.

And a few days ago, Fube, who was referring to the death of former Congolese president Laurent Kabila 16 years ago, warned of changes that came with leaders who ascended to the top and in the process discarded all those that helped them achieve their goals.

But Dr Scott, in reaction to what was happening to KBF and Kambwili, said: “I said it over his (Lungu) take over of PF; it’s two years ago that it happened. I told everybody. Kambwili, for example, wanted to stand [for] presidency in Kabwe, a session that was properly organised by me and others. He lost and rushed back to Lungu’s side and got his job that he wanted and was very noisy about it. But now he has been pushed out by the same people I said to beware of.”

“I have said what there is to be said about this topic for the last two years and warned people and so forth. Now they want to be acknowledging that there is a problem and want to complain about it, let them sort it out. I had warned them, they didn’t listen so let them sort it out. I have given counsel on this particular issue so many times and now it’s time for other people to make their own decisions,” Scott said.

He said what was happening to loyal and original members of the PF had been foretold and challenged those that had been ill-treated by the current presidency to do what he did – leave gracefully.

“You know what I did, I left, or at least I wasn’t offered a job which I wanted to accept. I also warned people that this thing will end in tears and it did. It just strikes me as reasonable. I can’t suddenly start shouting about something that I have been complaining about before,” said Dr Scott.


  1. We call it forecasting and risk management. Typical Zambians and Afrikans are very poor at these two skills. They learn the hard way and seek out superstition and religion instead. Thanks for the heads up, Guy!!!

  2. Indeed doc, u really had foresight. It doesnt take long before the wise words of an adult come to be truth. Nevertheless, its never too late for the rest to open up their eyes and realize the party is headed for doom. Extinction! The earlier the better they get rid of greedy leaders to save the ‘boat’ from sinking further.

  3. Lungu is de chosen one people even time of jesus others didn’t believe him coz he was coming from a poor family ,even lungu from chawama 2 state house its difficult 4 some 2 understand it

  4. if you think that you are very fast in tongue twisting then twist this.





    what was your result after twisting?

    there is more were it came from,just within a corner at #Zambian Readers page. please visit and like the page.

  5. Let kambwili and KBF dance to their own AMasha. Aba abantu balisaminwe kwati katwishi, u pushed the old white Zambian against the wall in his own party which he and his best friend ( mhsrip) worked so hard for to form govt. Lelo mulikwi?. Efilya mulanda mwwbene ( bembaz) ati, akatanshi takalisha, akalekelesha Eka……….. ? Pwisheni

  6. I thought he just had hatred towards lungu even me I insulted guy scott now we have seen what he knew about this man just like the bemba word states umukalamba amona apatala I regret having voted for this man in 2015

  7. Mr Scott keep yo integrity don’t remind us of the past we have forgotten wat u wanted to do to PF don’t behave like a black man that’s not being a politician behave old man what has Lungu done to u

  8. True Mr Scott,,, kambwili was used to spear head the politics of regionalism n tribalism in Zambia wen he wz information minister which brought all this hatred n division today……… BT c were he z today,, ECL is deadly. Zambians be aware.

  9. Let Guy Scot go to hell cos we have forgotten all what he is talking about in our united PF party all the rubbish that happened in Kabwe way back in 2015 just go in the bush with yo HH, PF can do without the likes of KBF &CK


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