A POLICE officer has told the Choma Fast Track Court that despite charging the Pastor with raping his niece on five occasions the medical report shows that victim’s hymen is still intact.

This is in a matter in which Sloga Shiluwe 37 a District Pastor of Mbila Mission SDA Church in Itezhi-Tezhi stands charged with raping his wife’s niece between September 1 2018 and 28 February 2019 in Choma.

When the matter came up for continued trial before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri, woman Constable Stella Khondowe testified that she charged and arrested the suspect based on the medical report.

Seventh Day District Pastor Sloga Shiluwe inside the Choma Magistrates Court holding Cell awaiting to be called to take plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri
Cross examination by Defence Counsel Wilson Cheelo.

Counsel: It’s a fact that you are not a medical expert?

Officer: True

Counsel: Did I hear you say you charged the suspect on the basis of the medical report?

Officer: Yes

Counsel: You read the doctor’s findings?

Officer: Yes

Counsel: Confirm to the court that according to the document the doctor confirmed that there was rape?

Officer: Yes I can confirm

Counsel: Show me where its written (hands her the medical report)

Officer: It’s not written anywhere.

Counsel: And it’s your prayer that the Court must rely on that document?

Officer: Yes

Counsel: I want you to read the last part of the document

Officer: There is a rim of hymen (she read)

Counsel: Show the court on the medical report where it states that she was raped

Officer: I am not an expert and it’s not written.

Counsel: Is there any indication that they were bruises on the prosecutrix?

Officer: No

Counsel: You actually agree with me that according to the document the hymen was intact?

Officer: Yes

Counsel: And you went on to believe her when she said she was raped five times but her hymen was still intact?

Officer: Yes

Counsel: Why was Kesta Sinzala picked up by ACC?

Officer: I don’t know

Counsel: How much did she pay you to come and testify?

Officer: Nothing

Earlier the 19 years old victim narrated that she was raped by her uncle on 4 occasions when her aunt was admitted in hospital during her maternity leave.

“When I slept he came and asked me to bring my maths book so that he can teach me, after he finished teaching me he touched my breast but I inquired if Maths had come to the breasts,

“He then started fighting to sleep with me, he pushed me to the chair till I was overpowered and he raped me” she said

She said on the second occasion after he finished raping her, she asked him why he was doing such a thing and his response was ‘the one for the relative tastes good.’

She went on to reveal that her uncle has hairy thighs with stretch marks around his hips.

Matter comes up 30th January 30 for ruling and Shiluwe’s bond was extended.


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