Sean Tembo


Opposition Patriots for Economic Progress –PEP- Leader Sean Tembo has charged that Zambia currently does not need an International Monetary Fund –IMF- bailout package.

Mr. Tembo has argued that there is no reason as at now to put the country on an IMF package unless government fails to run the economy which he says is not the case currently because Zambia has a new government which has not yet started performing to say it has failed.

Speaking when he featured on Tuesday’s edition of let the people talk program this morning, Mr. Tembo is also of the view that Zambia does not need an IMF bailout package now because of the conditions attached to the IMF programme which he has described as retrogressive.

The PEP president says he has faith in the UPND government because of its credibility in as far as managing the economy is concerned and has advised government to only consider a bailout package from the IMF when they fail to run the economy.

And Mr. Tembo feels President Hakainde Hichilema should have considered advertising some of the critical positions of those that have been sworn including the position of finance minister in order to allow new minds with fresh ideas in government.

Source : Phoenix News


  1. Empty tins indeed make the loudest noise. Tell that to your “numerous” supporters who conveniently boycotted voting……Let HH work & in 2026, Zambians will judge him.

  2. Mr. Tembo Sir, few weeks ago, I took time to read through your CV and honestly speaking, I found it to be very rich and very impressive, you were very intelligent at all levels, i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary. But at times, when I hear what you say or when I read what you write, I immediately start wondering if some of those comments are from such an intelligent person like you. You just yap anyhow; you whatever comes in your mind (ukusabaila) as Bembas would say. We know that everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, but let’s try to be objective when we express those opinions. Mr. Tembo, you risk losing any relevance to Zambian politics, people will even stop listening to you if at all they still. Why don’t you learn from the past mistakes, for example, PF always talked ill of HH thinking that they were destroying him and yet they were building and campaigning for him and he ended up winning the elections. You are exactly doing the same, you are busy building this man and very soon he will fix the economy and put you to shame with all your fellow critics.


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