Pastor Charles Awuzie posts, Seer 1 Exposed by His Village People….
Dear Zambians,
I have confirmed that Seer 1 is lying against your leaders…. He is using social media to revenge his deportation and he is frustrated after the death of his father – Rev. Bartram who passed on mysteriously not long ago.

I have spoken with kinsmen of Seer 1 and they confirmed that there is a case of mental ill health in his family…… His dad was once mad on the streets of Umuagwu, Amauzari in Isiala Mbano, Imo state and after he got a bit better, his dad founded CFM – Christ Freedom Ministry – a very small white garment congregation in their village.
When his dad passed on, Seer 1 lost the leadership of the church to his younger brother, Cleopas Omekannaya and that was the Genesis of his frustration.

So don’t let a small boy from one village in Nigeria make you revolt against your leaders who I can confirm are been accused wrongly.

Seer 1 didn’t give anyone powers and he doesn’t even have powers to give…. The miracle money he used to climb to fame is a trick… That money is hidden in a sling bag he wears under his shirt…. He takes your empty bag, lifts his hand up and shakes it a bit so the tiny bag under his shirt can release the money…. Then he puts his hand into the bag and the money flows into the bag from his shirt.

If you doubt me, ask him to perform the miracle money while wearing short sleeved shirt 👚…. You will catch him there.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I have done my best to open the eyes of our brothers and sisters in Zambia 🇿🇲.



  1. A desperate attempt by PF to cover up, who can you convince? Only an IDIOT can take your rubbish makeup. Seer1 came to talk for himself, no article on this platform reprented Seer1, he said everything by himself. So what is this rubbish by a PF stooge?
    We were doubting Seer1 but just the way you are jumping at his instance makes his allegations real. There is truth in what Seer1 said. You are failing to brush it aside. PF you are gone. Let historians begin shaping up for PF story. That once upon a time, there ruled a party of satanists in Zambia. Thanks to Seer1, PF are gone!!

  2. PF is panicking like rats exposed from the hole. If Seer 1 is mad, why worry about him? There is no need of organising prayers, having everyone ranting in PF. This shows that what he is saying is true.

  3. The truth of the matter is when PF beats up someone or kills an opponent, the offenders is or are left scort free never arrested.

    Look at what they PF cadres are doing in the name of PF, too much power behind the black rings. Where did all these rings came from?

  4. seer1 should try show exmple one of the ministers who took charms so the country can believe let one of the minister go mad and the rest will confess

  5. if I was seer1 I will make one crazy for a week only till they confess and i think the reason why seer1 said even if you go for deliverance it will not work this sin needs public confession because the ministers sinned against the whole country this is getting serious this thing has opened the door for the devil to operate freely in the country exmple ritual killers and accidents political violence every by election a person dies.


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