Seer 1

SEER 1 Writes; Good Afternoon Mr Hakainde Hechilema.

I pray that this message reaches you anywhere you are.

I have been looking at this picture ever since I saw it on Facebook in different pages. Sir each time I look at this picture, tears drops down my cheeks, I have seriously resisted writing this letter to you but I can’t help it anymore.

A look at this picture reminds me of the year 2015 at the funeral of President Micheal Sata, how the poorest of the poor cried while looking at Mr Edgar Lungu as a messaih, we saw hope of unity, love and prosperity in his eyes and believed in his ability to make life better for the poor.

I am not going to lie that Mr Edgar Lungu was never listening to the poor, he did, he cared and he heard the cry of the poor but along the line changed and became the president of the wealthy and the rich.

He now care about his suits, his rich friends and Porsche slay queens than the poor Zambians including those in his own party PF.

Dear Mr HH, when you look at this picture, you can be rest assured that even the angels in heaven has decided to MOVE FORWARD with you.197397609_2853636718219191_5487419101890933034_n

Dear sir, do not disappoint the poor. Do not allow your country to be looted by cadres and criminals like PF have done.

Dear sir, I will suggest that you laminate this photo and put it in your bedroom when you get to the state house so that each time you wake up to make some greedy and corrupt decisions, you look at this picture and remember the poor that voted for you.

Look at the passion in the eyes of this young little girl and stand up for your people.

Yours Seer1. Jagaban. The Don of Power.


  1. Indeed when a leader has a passion and mercy for small children, orphans and the less privilaged people, then he is a big and good leader. Leadership is to set the mind of what can l do for them and not what will they pay me for working for them.
    First work then payment in kind later.
    PF is diferent.

  2. I love the picture and appreciate the suggestion by Seer1 to have the picture in a prominent place to always serve as a reminder why one got into the office of president! Actually the picture should be embraced by all that will assume positions of leadership! I see in the picture a hopeful upcoming citizen for a better future ahead and the baby’s pillar, the mother, her loving look in the eyes to her offspring leaves to ones imagination the prayer she has in her heart! Love of the common poor people living with hope for better interventions that they can live humanely in their beloved Zambia!


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