By L. Namukolo

UPND Senanga Member of Parliament Hon Mukumbuta Mulowa has gone into hiding after Senanga residents approached him.

In a latest development, Mulowa has paid and sent some few Senanga youths to mongu to come and voice out that they were in support of bill 10. The youths were paraded on state television the ZNBC where the claimed bill 10 was a progressive thing.

Senanga resident mobilised themselves and wanted to beat and apprehend Mulowa for misinforming the nation that the people of Senanga supports bill 10 when the fact is that they don’t want it.

Mulowa was tipped and that’s how he run away in different car, leaving his official vehicle.

And Senanga resident Mr Wamunyima called Mulowa on his mobile phone on which wamunyima told off the honourable MP and demanded that they should meet. On the call wamunyima reminded Mulowa about the elections on how they supported and voted for him. But Mulowa said wamunyima should just get prepared and meet him next year in Senanga during the elections.

Wamunyima told Mulowa that he can handle Mulowa himself without any help. Forcing the two to start arguing on the phone and said Mulowa is recording the call and he will report him to the police. The youths told Mulowa come out from hiding because they voted for him to represent them in the parliament.



  1. You should have beaten him that money which he got from Pf he never shared with anybody but he want’s to bulldoze you to support what you did not benefit. Let him alone dance to the tune of Pf and if wants him let them adopt him on Pf ticket.


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