SESHEKE Central Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe has been handed a two-year suspended sentence by the Chinsali Magistrate Court for assaulting police officers.

In this case, Mr. Kang’ombe was arrested and charged with two counts of abduction and assaulting two police officers.

He pleaded not guilty and was granted K200, 000 bail but in his recognizance.
After trial, Mr. Kang’ombe was acquitted in the case of abduction and convicted in the case of assaulting two police officers.

Delivering sentence, Chinsali Resident Magistrate Julius Malata handed out the sentence and ordered that the convict pays a K10,000.

Magistrate Malata told Kangombe that he risked a stiffer conviction should he commit a similar offense in the next two years.

By press time, efforts were being made to have the K10,000 paid to the Court and have the lawmaker released from the Chinsali Correctional facility where he has been held since last week.


  1. That is in accordance with PF jungle law, Kangombe never committed the alleged offence. Really do we have to know the facts of the case as given in court to tell that Kangombe is not a wrestler or kungfu expert and not able to beat assault 2, not 1 but 2 trained police officers. How ? Did those police officers volunteer to be assaulted?!! And evidence that it all fake lies is the fact Kangombe was aquitted of abduction. The acuser failed to support his mischief on abduction…., but on assault 1 can scratch himself and use that to accuse another and use it as evidence in court. In a situation where the whole case is stage managed the self inflicted pain or injury by a mischievous police officer can hold water in court. My intuition tells me that Kangombe was likely abducted to a secrete place where these police officers inflicted pain on themselves, then caused a fracus with kangombe and then the accusation followed.
    Another evidence of the lies is that initially they wanted to involve HH so how did that die a natural death if the whole matter was real? If truly there a case can the police choose to go quiet on HH esp looking at howPF so much want to find case against him? Kangombe is a victim of PF lawlessness and we will ensure that fake convictions like this 1 are reversed with all the contempt they deserve.As for Kangombe, you have been enriched,once UPND forms govt, you will be compensated hugely.


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