Beaten, axed, hacked and several attempts of assassination but the United Party for National Development (UPND) in Sesheke constituency Western part of Zambia never retreated.

The refusal by the opposition to pullback from dangerous Patriotic Front ( PF) thuggery has clearly demonstrated that UPND is parting ways with intellectualism type of politics at a right time.

The zeal, courage, diligent enthusiasm, powerful intrest and tireless devotion by President Hakainde Hichilema and his supporters to deliver the developmental message in Sesheke constituency has restored hope to so many citizens across the country.

Sesheke was a war zone declared by blood thirst PF goons picked from Lusaka and Copperbelt to cause havoc as the way of claiming victory. Fortunately enough, UPND is now equal to the task and we can assure you that victory is certain not only for Romeo but the entire nation at large.

The confidence which is coming from Sesheke has reignited hope to every meaningful citizen and staunch PF cadres will follow the suit as time goes by.

Rigging will be impossible with UPND zealous youths manning the area.

However, our appeal to UPND is never be comfortable, keep your eyes open, protect every single vote on Tuesday and continue protecting the President in waiting Hichilema as he will be with you till voting day.

Meanwhile, the late father to UPND candidate Romeo Kangombe who passed away yesterday will be buried tomorrow 11th February, 2019 around 15 : 00 hours at Katongo area. All members are to requested to attend.

The Fixing Team.


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