After weeks of a largely violent campaign in Sesheke Constituency, four candidates will today compete for the vacant parliamentary seat.

The stakes have been higher with President Edgar Lungu leading the Patriotic Front campaign while his chief adversary Hakainde Hichilema has been on the campaign trail for his party that has maintained a shaky grip on Western Province.

Four candidates successfully filed nominations for the Sesheke parliamentary by-election.

The ruling Patriotic Front candidate has fielded Dean Masule while the opposition UPND will go with Romeo Kang’ombe.

Other contestants are Lifuti Muhau representing the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) and United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) is fielding Victor Kalimukwa.

Elections will also take place in seven (7) Local Government By-elections in Anoya Zulu Ward of Chililabombwe District, Munyama Ward of Kabwe District, Mkomba Ward of Lundazi District, Chindwale Ward of Katete District, Chinkutila Ward of Chifunabuli District, Nkombwa Ward of Isoka District and Sewe Mungole Ward of Chavuma District.

The By-election in Sesheke has been necessitated by the death of the late Member of Parliament, Frank Kufakwandi on Monday 12th November, 2018. The vacancies in Anoya Zulu, Munyama, Mkomba, Chindwale, Chinkutila, Nkombwa and Sewe Mungole wards are as a result of resignations and deaths of councillors.

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has announced that declaration of the winner in the Sesheke by-election be done 24 hours later due to the challenges in accessing seven polling stations.



(For Immediate Release)


Sesheke Constituency in Western Province has a total of 27,872 Registered Voters, 43 Polling Stations and 52 Polling Streams. Seven (7) out of these forty-three (43) polling stations are not easily accessible.

The Commission, therefore, wishes to inform all political parties, stakeholders and the General Public that the election results for the seven (7) polling stations will only be available on Wednesday 13th February, 2019.

The affected polling stations are either serviced by Chopper which is unable to fly at night or accessible via the Zambia-Namibia Border that closes at 18:00 hours.

Further, the Zambia-Namibia Border will be used due to the inaccessible road access on the Zambian side. You may wish to note that the election results would have been endorsed by political party agents and other accredited observers once the count is concluded.

The polling stations referred to are as follows:

Serviced by Air Transport: Sonso School, Katete Community School and Mandila Community School;

Accessible through Zambia-Namibia Border: Mbao Community School, Imusho Primary School, Chivula Primary School and Maunga SDA Church which are all in Imusho Ward.

Due to this, the declaration for the Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election will be on 13th February, 2019.

The Commission wishes to further appeal for peace and calm during Poll Day, during the Count of the result and in turn the final declaration of the winner of the Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election.

Margaret Chimanse

Public Relations Manager

For/The Commission



  1. It is important to remember that it was in Imusho were we lost our gallant first Battalion from Chindwin Barracks from hunger in the bush. Can you image? It was during the liberation movement in Kaunda time.
    History is very important and it is always important to learn from it.
    It is important not to play with political Hawk Stars.
    Even up to now, the situation has not been explained properly including their moneys, how we could lose a Platoon?
    Training one soldier cost our Nation more than K10M. and then you lose a platoon?
    Umulandu mume

  2. Zambians lack indepth analysis of things. What is this shaky grip in Western Province about? Dig deeper. Understand the political dynamics, the behaviour of political players including violence, use of government resources during by elections, vote buying, rigging etc.


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