Mr. Shapa Wakung’uma has been appointed as Presidential Aide-De-Camp for President Hakainde Hichilema.


He was fired by ECL after he and cops who worked under his command arrested and beat up PF cadres who were found with machetes during a bye election in sesheke which saw Honourable Romeo Kangombe emerge Victorious





















  1. Weldone Mr President and congratulations to Shapa, indeed normalcy has returned to the country. The dogs had come to the country, thanks to 12th August, the dogs were chased and now the people are running the country.

  2. Well,done Mr President iam so happy that indeed what you promised that Shpa and others will be given back their. Jobs you are the man of your words.

  3. Mr president , our president, the people’s president this is sweet for my brother and his family. He has suffered a lot and this is what we want to see from you Mr President. Using your power to empower others and constantly reminding those who were wronged not to use their new position to go after Kampyongo and Kanjaja
    Nothing Last long welcome my brother to where you belong. The police needs you and the Zambian citizens need your service to maintain law and order

  4. Well deserved. I like this man. He was brave enough and told ECL that he was wrong. But ECL thought he was the Almighty but HH promised him that he was just on holiday – kikiki! Nice one.
    Now we need our doctor back. The one who was fired for complaining that they needed more Doctors in hospitals.

  5. Now I understand why HH is successful! He knows how to identify talent and putting it to appropriate use. That’s what a good manager does!
    Excellent choice for ADC Mr President!
    Congratulations Bwana Shapa!

  6. Good for him. In fact all those who were victimized or fired during PF just for doing their job or on tribal lines should be reinstated.

  7. Good news
    Evil doesn’t pay and is short lived. Congratulations Mr Shapa and thanks Bally for bring human and true to your word.
    ‘Shapa’ in Lozi means ‘to whip’.


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