‘By David Zulu.

The KCM liquidation team presented Chingola residents with a typical Cowboy Hollywood Western movie scene, when their dramatic entry into town two days ago was heralded by a salvo of automatic gunfire.

The spectacular entry of a convoy of dozens of enormously tinted 4×4 SUVs led by a combined team of heavily armed security team, made a dazzling performance as ear splitting live automatic volleys tore through the afternoon sky of the sleepy town of Chingola, sending terrified residents scampering for cover.

The blistering armed drill appear to have been designed as a deliberate gusto of a show of force in a hostile and unilateral take over of a business entity which many commentators predict wil not go unchallenged by its embattled owners.

Provisional liquidator and PF operative and insider, Milingo Lungu led a high powered delegation of Presidential aides and Cabinet Ministers to take charge of the KCM mines that it is claimed have been mismanaged by it’s Indian owners Vedanta.

Sources close to the latest operations hint that Vedanta may launch a counter legal challenge that may be protracted and internationalised.



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