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Barotseland is Nation that signed an agreement with Zambia in 1964. Currently , Barotseland has a dispute with Zambia.

Barotseland is preparing for self rule and any time soon , Zambia will be left with their madness.

Barotseland has strong leadership under BRE. They are in charge of all affairs and all the happening in Barotseland.

Truthful, whatever affects the people of Barotseland, equally affects BRE and the Litunga. Lack of peace in Sisheke affects all the people of Barotseland and the Litunga.

In Sisheke , Zambian Police yesterday fired teargas canisters and live ammunition to the innocent people of Barotseland.

Unverified reports indicates that some people have died.

Videos circulating on various Social Media shows that women,men and babies fainted due to teargas.

The video , you are about to watch , shows there was serious war in Sisheke yesterday caused by Police. Police and PF cadres were shooting Barotseland people since they are second class citizens.

Sad, people who have been killed, fainted , sick , beaten and assaulted are purely children of the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II.

Can a parent remain quite when Innocent children are butchered and teargassed by cruel Zambia Police? Can BRE remain quite when part of Barotseland is invaded by heavy and vicious Police officers who are ready to kill more people?

In short , can BRE Indunas remain quite because it is non of their business or should they speak out because the fracas is happening in their territory and that their children are been slaughtered like animals?



  1. The BRE should show their commitment to the people of Barotseland in no uncertain terms! The people being maimed here are in Barotse. It does not make sense that on one hand you say you want self determination, but when the same Zambia Police and PF Cadres are hurting your people you keep quiet?

  2. This issue should be investigated to its root cause because even a bird when attacked does bite back, these issues if not handled properly may create problems for the whole country just because of a few selfish individuals.


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