Lewis Musomali(31) he’s currently receiving treatment at DR Wei Private Clinic after he was stabbed by his lover identified as Natasha Chisha(26) this Morning.

Lewis is a married man to Ireen(24) who burst into tears after hearing her husband was stabbed by his side chick and almost lost his life. She was at work when she received a call, shocking enough by that time her husband would have been in Kitwe attending to a meeting(she was told so in the morning when they both left for work, not knowing he had other plans)

This happened today around 12hours in Kansenshi at Natasha’s place(Servant quarter), it is believed the couple started arguing over issues which are yet not known apart from the so said monthly allowance.

Natasha stabbed Lewis and ran away from home leaving him bleeding and shouting for help, until the landlady from the main house heard him, found him on the floor almost dying then took him to the hospital.

Lewis explained she stubbed him because he told her he didn’t have money for her monthly allowance at the moment, but rather she should wait for a few more days.

She didn’t believe but rather accused him for loving his Wife more and splashing all his money on her when she also needs attention. This led the two to engage in a big quarrel and later Lewis was stabbed

Police are in the hunt searching for Natasha


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