Veteran football administrator Simataa Simataa says Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga need to make peace for the sake of Zambian football.

Simataa, who spoke during Hot FM’s Breakfast Show, said pride needed to be set aside to develop the sport.

“We all need to galvanise our strengths, not our weaknesses but our strengths. We need to swallow our pride, drink it and come together. It’s very important. Those who don’t want Zambia should get out,” Simataa said.

“All I did was to receive a text on social media telling the world that I had declared Mr Kamanga with two others not to be friends with [me] and since then to this day, I have sought to meet Mr Kamanga on a personal level so that we clear whatever was behind this. This was December 2017; to this day he has avoided me.”

Simataa called on the Church and President Edgar Lungu to help sit the two men down.

“Please, somebody out there, the church maybe, business people, the patron [President Edgar Lungu] bring Andrew and Kalusha to a table, let’s begin by having a lemon party. Throw the eggs but let’s come out united. Invite Simataa if you want. When I say Kamanga, I say Kamanga with all his friends – Cephas Katongo in Ndola, Charles Nshimbi in Kitwe, Ponga Liwewe must be in that meeting. Kalusha all his friends – the Chikumbis, the Mumbos, Kasengele – should all be brought to the same table together for the sake of Zambian football and at the end of the day, we shake hands and do it for the Zambian football fraternity,” he said.

“If new cell phones have to be allotted where you don’t cut each other’s phone call, let them be. If Simataa has said something wrong like it was before December 2017, you never heard me in the press talking about Kamanga, I could pick the phone and call him, go to his office without an appointment until suddenly the doors closed. But this [football] is something I love, do I keep quiet? We must bring that sitting.”

He said he was ready to apologise to Kamanga if he had wronged him.

“It will be up to him, and I challenge him, go public, tell the whole world what Simataa did wrong to him. When I know, I will most probably apologise, I will fall on my knees and say ‘I’m sorry’,” said Simataa.


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