Chilufya Tayali who is heading a Political party called EEP has said that Simon Mwewa Lane of Simison building was once arrested for raping a Preacher’s Daughter in the United States of America.

Mr. Tayali alleges that Mr. Mwewa was deported to Zambia after raping a Preacher’s Daughter.

He says after being deported to Zambia for being a danger to the Girl Community in the United States of America, Mr. Mwewa was arrested and deported back to Zambia.

Mr. Tayali has accused Mr. Mwewa that he can’t go to the USA anymore after being a monister in church.

He has also accused Mr. Simon Mwewa Lane of being poor after his rape case because his Father had left him with nothing.

In response to Mr. Tayali, Simon Mwewa Lane has said he is taking the matter to the courts of Law.

He charged that Mr. Tayali’s time of playing hide and seek game for survival was coming to an end.


  1. Take him to court, he is a fool. You are just an idiot, you will die poor, coz you are cursed.
    Atumpisha sana. This time no one should forgive him. He is an idiot

  2. Mumembe eminine , aletelela nabalele. Ulusale lumo, lonaumwanda. Ichipuba chitilomuto, impandayatobela panshi. Leaving Tayali free, in the name , he is like this , iyo efyo aba, normal people shall perish and he will remain. teach this fool a lesson once. You are making fools to be many in our society. They shall turn this attitude in to a living. Remember that ifipuba ngafyafula, nabamano basnguka abatumpa. Look Mr. Mwewa
    you are also looking foolish because of this imputed younger rascal in big jacket but small shoulders. Tayali Should learn a big lesson. even HH should go to court so that he can go and tell the nation how many children HH has out side .


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