“Someone using a fake page has been issuing statements against President Lungu cries Tayali”

The two are social-media rivals and have since sued each other in courts.

But following the incarceration of Chilufya Tayali for defamation of the President, Chitambala Mwewa known on social media as Simon Mwewa Lane, took time to visit the Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader, Chilufya Tayali who is detained at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Avondale township.

Mwewa said Tayali even asked him to buy food for him and others detained in the Police cell.

“So earlier today I went to see Chilufya Tayali just to make sure he was where I thought he was.” Wrote Chitambala on his page.

“He was in custody at the time of this photograph and after we spoke for a few minutes he asked me if I could bring him and his cell mates some food.”

“Don’t bring fish because these guys might choke in here” he said.

“So I went to Chainda Market where I bought some fritter, Nshina beef and chicken.”

And Chitambala said Tayali said there is a fake Chilufya Tayali page with followers of about 42,000 and he has previously reported it to Facebook.

He said he has no access to his phone since he was detained last week.

He accepted that he was detained over his videos on his page on Facebook but he has not issued any statement after that.

Several screen shots have emerged stating;

“After everything I have done to PF, is this what Mr. Lungu you can do?” And;

“You can’t stop an idea whose time has come”.

But Tayali told Mwewa that he has had no access to his phone or social-media and advised his followers to go to his page with 291,000 followers.

Tayali is expected to appear in the Lusaka Magistrate court on Tuesday.


  1. It is sad that Tayali is going through what he wishes for other people, maybe just maybe after this tide, he may become a better person, most things happen for a purpose, and it is wise to use any drawback as a learning curve.

  2. Very amusing, your visit to your “enemy”!
    I thought whoever sent Tayali to jail was making your cerebration party. Anyway, it is a good human reaction. I salute you Mwewa.
    Now Tayali, one other thing amusing… It once looked like Hakainde would b in jail earlier. What has hapenned? The pusher pushing HH to b in jail is instead now in jail! I think let me also do what Simon Mwewa has done, get to that prison and see for myself if Tayali is where he is reported to be. Bcos some pipo act like they would never find themselves ku wire. Big lesson Tayali. For sure if HH passed at that prison, Tayali wud ask for food from him, and HH would kindly oblidge no doubt.
    Yaba! This world!
    To fellow citizens dont u see this pointing to some bigger picture here? What if u thought of Tayali as the PF govt officials post August 2021 elections…, and think of Simon Mwewa Lane as the UPND in govt post August 2021? Does the picture point to something. I just hope someone in PF will not soon be asking for food from prison from someone in UPND!!


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