By Yona Musukwa.

Comrades, imagine you are speaking, then a veteran, a freedom fighter, a white man who, in 1951, got deported and sacrificed his rights and privileges of being white by fighting for Africans, a former cabinet minister, shakes his head in utter disbelief with what is coming out of your mouth.

That is enough call to self-inspect whether you are on the wrong side of history or just a FACTORY FAULT of the Nation.

For me, this is the picture of the week, and pretty much sums up our feelings toward the nonsensical Constitution Rape Case Bill No 10.



Zambians, majority of them, have rejected this fraud called Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10. Why are they insisting and trying to force it on the people? In whose interest is this Bill 10? when you say you will go ahead with it, whose interest are you serving….Zambians or your party?

We have rejected this Bill No 10. We don’t want it, finish and klaar. If this CA Bill No 10 is a matter of Life and death for them, since they want it so much, let them introduce it in their homes and farms(since they have acquired quite a bit substantial number of them, they are even abandoning some), for their children and their animals. Yona Musukwa



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