A man of Sinda who had sent a 16-year-old boy on an assignment to steal over 200 female pants from unsuspecting women has been fined five goats by Chieftainess Nyanje’s Council.

The named man is said to have sent the 16-year-old boy of Kanchito village to steal over 200 under wears but did not disclose the reason why he needed that large number of female pants.

The boy who disclosed that so far he had managed to steal 30 pants using magic was caught stealing pants in one house at Kanchito village at about 14:00 hours because he unknowingly lost the root he was using to get into houses unnoticed.

He told the woman who caught him that the man who sent him gave him a root which he said if he bit between his teeth he would get into any house without being noticed.
The boy said the man who sent him promised to give him a large amount of money should he manage to steal over 200 pants as he would become very rich once he got hold of the female pants.

The matter was taken to Chieftainess Nyanje’s Induna Nsinda Samson Banda where the accused man denied ever having sent the boy on such a mission. He was however made to appear before Chieftainess Nyanje at the Palace where he was fined and warned that he would be held responsible should anything happen to any of the 21 women who openly complained that their under wear went missing.

It is reported that the complaints from women that their under wear were missing started flowing in some time back and village Headman Kanchito made a village public announcement for the habit to stop but the tendency continued.

At one time a heap of female pants was found on the edge of the village but no one had an explanation as the women continued crying that their pants were missing on a daily basis.
All the pants that were recovered during the probe were burnt.

Source : Mphangwe FM



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