Community members in Sinda’s Chamamvu Compound this morning apprehended and handed over to police a 26 year old woman of Sinda Township who dumped a newly born baby boy in a pit latrine.

According to sources from Sinda, the woman who has been identified as Lexina Phiri, who is being kept by her elder sister gave birth in a vegetable garden between 04:00 hours and 05:00hours. Some women who were going to draw water at the garden well heard a baby crying in some bushes and when they wanted to get closer, they saw the woman run away with the baby.

According to an eye witness David Banda of Chanjobvu Compound, he said he woke up early to ferry building sand when around 06:00 hours he saw the suspect carrying a baby in her hands.

Banda said at first the woman attempted to enter the first pit latrine but it was locked. She tried to enter the second pit latrine but found it was also locked. The third pit latrine she tried opened and she entered only to come out without the baby.

It was then that Banda inquired from her what she had dumped in the pit latrine. She denied ever having dumped anything in the pit latrine but after pressure she admitted that she had dumped a baby who was born dead.

However the owner of the toilet Mrs Rachael Phiri who had joined a crowd of onlookers said the baby was not born dead because he had heard the baby crying in the toilet and at first she thought it was a cat that had fallen into the pit.

Officers from Chipata Fire Brigade arrived at scene and retrieved the body at 14:20 hours. Police later took the body of the baby to St Francis hospital for post mortem.

Below: Scores of Sinda residents watching in surprise as a team of Zambia Police Service and Chipata Fire Brigade officers retrieve the body of a newly born baby boy from a pit latrine in Chamabvu Compound.


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