By  McDonald Chipenzi

SADC as usual is conspicuously mute and invisible over the unfolding Malawi Political situation as a result of the just ended general elections.

SADC sent an observation mission and am sure declared the elections free and fair.

Now that the Opposition has contested the results and declaration of the winner, SADC should account for its presence in Malawi.

SADC should not be mute but should help Malawi resolve its electoral and political dispute before it escalates into full fledged conflict.

The inertia by SADC to respond quickly to political and electoral disputes in the region is painting a very wrong picture of the regional bloc competencies to resolve its own problems.

As for Zambia, being the head of the Troika on defence and security, and of late heading observation missions, must also take practical steps in resolving the issues in Malawi.

Having sent observers through the SADC Election observation mission, right information about the conduct of the Malawian election esp with the reported resignation of the Malawian Electoral Commission chairperson, must be made public.

We wait to hear from SADC and the inquiry remains, SADC where are u when Malawi is almost on electoral and political fire?


  1. We need to prevent rather than to cure. The SADC and AU are quick to declare free and fair elections yet it is plain that elections are rigged.


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