A GIRL of Riverside in Kitwe yesterday narrated in a Kitwe Magistrate`s Court how six members of the Tokota boys took turns in raping her until she passed out.

The girl said the six tore her clothes and forced themselves on her, one after the other, in an unfinished building in Ndeke’s Changa Changa area.

This is in a matter involving Richard Siame 21 of Chamboli, Teddy Chilufya 20 of Wusakile and a 14-year-old boy of Wusakile township who are charged with rape.

They appeared before Chief Resident Magistrate Yvonne Nalomba for trial.

The victim said she was out with her five friends at Shatops night club around 23:00 hours on February 2, this year when the boys confronted her.

She told the court that she and her friends arrived at the night club in two cars, an Altezza and Toyota Allion.

She said upon arrival at the night club, her friends entered the club but she remained outside to answer a phone call.

It was at this point that she was confronted by a group of men wearing T-shirts printed “Team Tokota Pay or Die.”

One of them then asked if she was looking for a taxi but she refused after which he splashed a liquid in her face.

She told the court that she ran away and hid at the back of the club and tried to call her friends but they did not answer her.

After some time, she came out of hiding and met her friends to whom she narrated that she had been threatened and splashed with a drink on her face.

She said the gang members emerged again and accosted her and her friends accusing them of misbehaving.

She told the court that they demanded money and at that moment one of her friends, who was the driver of the Altezza gave them K350 but they demanded more money. Her cousin identified as Renee’ gave them a K50.

The gang members, she said, held them captive and ordered that they be driven to East Point in the two cars the victim and her friends were using.

They drove to East Point in town and then back to Ndeke Township where they ordered the victim’s friends out of the car. The other gang members started beating her friends while they drunk a concoction and smoked marijuana.

At the unfinished building, they asked her to take off her clothes but she refused and when she tried to scream one of them slapped her and tore her skirt.

She told the court that their leader forced himself on her and when he finished another one also raped her and four other men also took turns to rape her.

She said after that, they lifted her and placed her in the front seat of the vehicle where she passed out. Meanwhile, in another case, the magistrate committed 19 Tokota boys to the Kitwe High Court for summary trial for kidnapping and causing grievous bodily harm to a 16-year-old boy.

The suspects are Libikani Phiri 20, David Kateta 31, Lucky Mwaba 20, Wisdom Chilekwa 23, Bill Mulenga 20, Moses Chilambe 20, Boniface Lubansa 20, and Wensy Chilembo 23.

Others are Richard Siame 20, Lazarus Zulu 19, Kingsley Ngoma 24, Abraham Sikazwe 26, Teddy Chilufya 20, Bernard Chirwa 19, Sydney Kasase 27, Doctor Simwemba 20, Mills Mumba 28, Trust Sinkala 20 and a 15-year-old boy.

They are charged with three counts – abducting and kidnapping of a 16-year-old boy, causing grievous bodily harm and causing noxious or forcing consumption of faeces.


  1. These Tokota idyots need to be sentenced to death and should actually be killed and buried. No human being should suffer indignities at the hands of these Tokota animals.


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