UPND MPs taking the ‘walk of shame’ out of Parliament after the suspension was announced


Six United Party for National Development Members of Parliament have agreed to remove Hakainde Hichilema as President of the Party once he is arrested and charged with treason this week or next week.

The Six Members of Parliament made an agreement with President Edgar Lungu that they can dismatle the UPND before 2021 and create wrangles to ensure that the Party can go into 2021 General Elections disorganised.

According to our sources the six Members of Parliament will capitalise on the arrest of Hichilema by the Patriotic Front Government.

The six Members of Parliament have been promised huge sums of Money to compromise Mutale Nalumango to back the MPs decision to call for an Early convention this year while Hichilema will be in jail.

One Hichilema is in jail and without any Vice President of the Party, there will be a Leadership crisis and MP’s will suggest to go for a convention.

Zambian Watch will publish names of all the six MP’s within two days.

“An agreement is being entered with six UPND members of Parliament with President Edgar Lungu to cause confusion while Hichilema will be in jail. The crisis will be that, there will be no one to take up Leadership of the Party accept for Mutale Nalumango. Now Mutale Nalumango is a woman and she can easily be shakened by the PF through massive intimidations if she does not bow down to them”

“The situation is quite worrying for UPND because there will be wrangles immediately Hichilema is arrested. The same Members of Parliament using resources and Machinery from government will call for a Convention to remove Hichilema as President of the Party. What they want to do is to destroy UPND before 2021 Elections because it has become a serious threat to the PF and President Edgar Lungu” a reliable source said.

SOURCE: zambian watch



  1. Zambian Watch, this posting reflects your limited investigative journalism skills. If you already know the names of the 6 UPND MPs planning to remove HH as president of UPND, why didnt you just indicate their names straight away? You just leave readers to conclude you are trying to support the stupid idea being nursed by PF of arresting HH and charging him with treason. You donot even analyse if there is really any offence HH has committed warranting him to be charged with treason.

    Please reduce the stress and irritation in the country by being atleast professional and analytical in your postings. We expect you to be better than confused Edwin Lifwekelo.


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