By Zambian Watch Editor.

We have observed how one Zambian Hip Hop artist Muzo Aka Alfonso who is signed under the XYZ rebel is making rounds on social media, people sharing clips, redicule about his madness.

Many people including those who use to dance to his music are quick to judge that the artist has been smoking alot of weed hence slowly running mad.

We wish to disagree, First and foremost we want to put it on record that most artist in Zambia are using dark forces. They use black magic powers, satanism etc has dominated the Zambian Music because it was just introduced to them.

We also know that other artists are in the habit of sacrificing their friends. Either by making them mad or killing them to maintain their fame, power and money in the Music Industry. We dont want to go into all those details because artists themselves know what we are talking about.

Today we woke up to a shock that the once upon celebrated artist Muzo is slowly being reduced to a laughing stock for wanting to jump on a bus for k40 from Ndola to lusaka which is a clear sign of madness.

However what is shocking us is that XYZ founder Mwila Musonda populary known as Slap Dee has dumped Muzo to be laughed at because his madness is non of his business.

We know slap Dee as one cool artist, but we also know about his dark sides, like dealing with the Illuminate, sacrifices he made, his death in a cult and resurrection video. This wont make sense to his fans but we know he understand what we are talking about.

Its infact non of our business to talk about certain black rings slap Dee is wearing and removes at a particular time for his power, fame and influence. That is way not our business, our business is Muzo one of your artist.

Why are you laughing and sharing Muzo’s mad videos instead of helping him? Please put aside your dark ways and help Muzo an artist signed under your rebel XYZ. That brother need alot of agent help.

People think its weed making him run mad, but we know that some of the cults performed at XYZ have contributed on top of his smoking habits.

To his fans, Please mobilize and gather some resources to help that young man. He has so much talent and has alot to give to Zambians. These demons you worship in XYZ wont help him.

Fellow musicians also Please help your fellow brother,to come back to normal before you loose him and start sending fake RIP messages on your facebook statuses. Majority artists in the Zambian Music Industry fully know what goes on in the Music Industry and you don’t need Zambian Watch to start exposing you.

If he is not battling with demons, please musicians,there are too many health program he needs to pass through for him to be back on track and surely you can do that.

Urgently help your brother!


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