One of the most prized possessions of an artist in whatever form or shade is the ability to express oneself artistically without undue internal or external pressures. When you have a horde of people descend on an artist to an extent of forcing him or her to denounce their own artistic creations, then such action cannot pass without a comment.

The events of the past two days following Slapdee’s AFRIMMA nomination and the cyber bullying that he has been subjected to leading to him apologizing for having provided artistic services to the PF during the elections campaign have left me saddened.

As someone who has supported Slapdee’s career from the early days, I was proud to see his nomination for the prestigious award and I quickly voted for him and mobilized several friends to equally do the same as an act of patriotism and as a contribution towards the growth of the creative and arts sector.

It is therefore despicable that some Zambians can find joy and ecstasy in decampaigning Slapdee, voting for a rival artist from a foreign country and forcing him to apologise for using his art in a way he saw it fit, both commercially and artistically.

When an artist is stripped off his artistic consciousness, his entire body of work becomes redundant and orphaned. Our artists should be allowed to enjoy absolute artistic freedom as long as it sits within the framework of what is legally permissible in the land.

Furthermore, those that have the mandate to provide leadership in this country should quickly implement measures that will reunite this country. The unnecessary debates from the so called 2.8 and the 1.8 is unfortunate, irritating and should not to tolerated. Zambia is bigger than these two groups of people put together.

Over 14 million Zambians did not want to have anything to do with the past elections and reducing every national debate to how the 2.8 and the 1.8 million people would feel is shallow mindedness of the worst form. To be fair to Slapdee, he owed no one an apology.

As an artist, he should be at liberty to exercise his freedom of free thought and be allowed to express it in the best way he knows-through art. I therefore wish to advise him to retract his apology and maintain his nomination for the award and remain an influential and incredible artist that he is.


  1. What’s going on here. All these apologies. I am not a very keen follower of every artist but I do know they are currently in the Music Industry.

    I Don’t know all the facts. However, based on our current transitioning in our political environment it should be understood that the majority don’t care who they sing for. It’s their choice and right.

    This time around we want no political party to abuse systems. All citizens must be allowed the right of association. The important issue is that all politicians should be issue based and concentrate on ideologies instead of tribalism and hate speech.

    It’s a new season where you must be convinced that the party you support can deliver what the say and not them using stolen funds to bribe their way around.

    So musicians we need you. Be creative. Sing about the various issues facing the citizens. Expose some of these political leaders who don’t seem to have the country at heart. You will be surprised how much impact you will have.

    Do you know that advocating institutions are funded with millions of dollars to help them spread messages of Human Rights and governance issues. Don’t wait till 5 years to sing on governance. Money is right now available for you. Just look in the right place. In fact you don’t even need to belong to any political party to do this.

    I think there is need to train our Musicians on how they can manage their businesses of music and deliberately empower them to prosper. This industry has the capacity contribute significantly to the economic development of our country.

    So you Musicians be encouraged there is hope. Right thinking people know you were abused. We are mature to understand and accept that it’s your prerogative to partner and support who ever you want. We don’t own you just like you don’t have the right to force us to listen to the political songs we don’t appreciate. Nothing personal, we just agree to disagree but at the end of the day we’re still brothers and sisters. Simple.

    We draw the line where you participate in stealing from the Zambians. This one we will certainly be left to the law enforcement agencies to handle.

    Peace and love people. We all have choices and it’s okay that yours was not ours. We still have each other let’s focus on getting Zambia forward.

  2. I don’t believe this! Bowman writes better than Miles Sampa?! Amazing! As for Bowman he should worry about how to keep himself out of jail than about Slapdee making apologies.

  3. Your advise former buldozer. May I simply say Mr Toyota spacial, you would have counciled these musicians when you organised them to loot youth empowerment funds to be neutral and sing for any political party that would have hired them.

    But you black listed those which song for opposition. Today they are alone after you have backed out and they are living to regreat. Mr spacial buy their music you mislead them.

  4. Well 1st, I know that daft Bowman could not have written this and so am responding to whoever wrote this on his behalf that yes Slap Dee, you can sing for whoever you want but never forget, you will always need an audience for that business and if that audience is PF don’t ever come to us and ask us to vote. You will have made your choice and we will respect you and we will expect you to respect our choice to support others and decampaign you.
    As for you Bowman, PF is a minority and am sure you know that by now, Slap dee has a far bigger future than the thieves in PF and am sure he has made a better choice by choosing to apologise for associating himself with the thieves.
    Now go and concentrate on defending your criminality in court chi colour

  5. Whoever wrote this for Bowboy and Bowboy himself must know that they are nonentities and stupid dreamers who cannot read the mood of the people. Ask Bowboy what hit them on 12th August when they were bubbling with false confidence of simply going on leave and getting back with landslide victory.

  6. Its Not True that 14 Million Zambians had nothing to do with elections, approximately 7 Million Zambians are below the age of 18. Then you the PF disfranchised Voters by shortening the registration period.
    You also thought you were wise not to issue NRCs in opposition strongholds. so the 2.8 Million is representative of the people whom you disfranchised. unfortunately the PF and Lusambo are making lame excuses for the problems they created for Musicians, Cadres and other genuine business people

  7. PF messed up in everything they engaged in.This started with “dununa reverse”,coming up with a song that demonised their opponents leading to the artists being loathed by most of society.


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