By Hon Munsanje

Lord why? Surely, Ethiopian Airtliner’s passengers left with assurances of reaching their destination. With promises made to those left that something #special will come with these passengers. Is death in air crush the said special?

Sadly that NO ONE survived the accident to tell the story on what really happened. About One hundred and Fifty Nine (159) passengers plus Eight (8) Airliners died instantly.

Tear roll over my jaw when I see how these people are being collected from the accident scene. Being picked in pieces surely like tree logs? Lord why?

Having used the Air traveling mode ONCE, with such incident happening now, I do not wish to use it again as it is more deadly than the road one. Same applies to the Sea travel. Lord why?

With the 159 plus 8 Airlines coming from different families and being family anchors, I shed more tears when I recount on the number of orphans that have remained back.

How therefore, will we mourn them O LORD! How can we have a funeral of 167 people at once from different countries? Did you plan for it O LORD?

May the soul of the dead passengers and Airliners REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. I dearly mourn with families and the world at large.

Indeed God’s time is the best for Him and us. They lived their precious lives and it remain with us to make a choice. Passionate individuals with the heart of eradicating poverty died. Who then are you? How special are you?


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