George 'Chicken' Lwandamina

I’m a Zambian, a soccer loving country and mostly it’s this same sport that unites us despite our political differences. We keep our eyes on the ball.

As a Zambian patriotic soccer fan, I’m highly disappointed with the words that came from Zesco United coach George Lwandamina saying, the national league trophy only belongs to the teams along the line of rail. By the way Green Eagles comes from Choma and it’s along the line of rail.

What Lwandamina doesn’t know is that Zesco United football club has supporters in mongu, mbala, Maamba, Mwinilunga and that makes his statement childish.

When ZEGA is playing continental matches, we support though locally we support Eagles, Nkana, power, Nakonde or Monze swallow and all that Mr Chicken doesn’t understand.
I have a feeling this man was indirectly trying to attack Mr Agrey Chiyangi as national team coach who just recently brought us regional trophy with a local selected team. That record can’t be changed by anyone including Lwandamina himself.

I expected Lwandamina to appreciate Eagles for giving him a good test coz on the field his team was outplayed and penalties are like that , it’s a gamble.

FAZ please never let Lwandamina come near any National duties and I hope his words have no blessings from the club ( ZUFC ) otherwise I regret ever saying ZEGA MAMBO whenever it was continental competition.

Your loving and Patriotic Zambian Soccer Fan.


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