If you don’t like something, as long as i’m not harming you; why should you insult and pierce me with negative words on social media, Zambian afro singer Wezi has said.

“Whether I like it or not, there are people who are dull and ignorant. How do you laugh at somebody who was born differently and they even create memes of how we look and them better than us. I call them dull because they are insensitive.

Wezi was speaking when she featured on Millennium Radio’s 5 After 5 drive time show hosted by Black Missionary and monitored by Zed Gossip.

“There are people who find it funny and they will be commenting and cracking jokes. Vonse munanitema, elo ngati mukali mubwela, fikani muzanipeza because i’m not even going to run away from anybody. I’m going to be myself because I was born this way and I will stay this way regardless of a human being” wezi said on radio.


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