Rehoboth Kafwabulula


THE Socialist Party of Zambia has picked a 21-year-old student of law from the University of Lusaka as its national spokesperson.

Party president Dr Fred M’membe announced on his Facebook that the Socialist Party Central Committee appointed Rehoboth Kafwabulula as national spokesperson.

“True to its conviction that the youths are the leaders of today, the Socialist Party’s Central Committee today appointed Comrade Rehoboth Kafwabulula as the National Spokesperson of the party. Comrade Kafwabulula is a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party and the General Secretary of the Socialist Youth League,” Dr M’membe stated.

He revealed that Kafwabulula was in her last phase of her law studies.

“She has been a member of the party from its inception, which she joined immediately after leaving secondary school,” he said.

“A graduate of the party’s Pan-African ideological and political school, Comrade Kafwabulula has also undergone ideological and political training in other parts of the world. She was born on February 18, 1999 at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka,” he explained.

Dr M’membe said Kafwabulula’s appointment had sparked jubilation in the Socialist Youth League.

“They have welcomed this historical move by the Party’s Central Committee to appoint Comrade Kafwabulula, and wish her well,” stated Dr M’membe.

(Source: Kalemba)



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