By Staff Reporter

REVOLUTIONALIST who is also Socialist Party (SP) President Dr. Fred M’membe has sued one man party leader of Rainbow party Wynter Kabimba for saying that the former is gay and runs a party that is funded by homosexuals.

On April 3, 2018, Wynter Kabimba proudly said at Millennium Radio program that the owners of Socialist Party Dr Fred M’membe and Cosmas Musumali were being funded by homos, and that they broke away from his party Rainbow after he refused to entertain homosexuality and denounciation of Christianity.

In a statement of claim filled at High court, M’membe and Musumali demand compensation from Kabimba and Daily Nation owner ex-convict of corruption Richard Sakala on account that such remarks were false and malicious, published in Daily Nation, Mast Newspaper, News Diggers, and that such remarks caused the plaintif’s distress and embarrassment.

Kabimba who was not so long ago a close ally of M’membe fell off prior to the 2016 elections when the then owner and Editor in Chief of the now liquidated Post newspaper backed off from covering him after the duo differed ‘on how to run a political party’.

Fred M’membe was an instrumental funder of Rainbow party but was angered to learn that monies ploughed in Rainbow was being plundered by Wynter Kabimba’s relatives whom he had appointed into various posts within the structures of the party.

It is said that at the Congress held shortly after Rainbow was formed, over K200,000 money was channeled into the pockets of Wynter Kabimba’s nephew who was part pf the organisers of the function.

M’membe did not like such, and therefore pulled out of Rainbow, thereby upsetting Kabimba who now launches a vendetta against him



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