Zambia Army soldiers say they are disappointed with the remarks attributed to patriotic front Roan Member of Parliament Dr. Chishimba Kambwili.

Soldiers say they are not taking kindly remarks made by Chishimba Kambwili that they are nonsense.

They say Kambwili must differentiate between Zambian Police and Soldiers.

The Zambia army says if Dr. Kambwili continues using abusive language towards soldiers he will walk naked in his own constituency for 6 hours.

“We don’t take kindly words attributed to Dr. Kambwili towards our men, if he dare continue using abusive language to our men and women, he might aswell consider himself walking naked for six hours in his own constituency. Our men and women will teach him manners. Let him continue using his language to politicians” said Zambia Army.


  1. Bamakaka the soldiers u were respected during time of captain solo and Mwamba lucembe the great men who stood for Zambians not imwe mahutu a bana

  2. Zambian soldier are ill trained and very indiscipline. Telling you to go back to barracks because you have become violent and behaving like bush products unsteady of helping the ordinary people . Try to undress CK we know where you live we will be sorting out you in compounds , towns and where ever we see you. A threat on CK is a threat on the champion for the common man. Your guns will not win but will turn on you. Your brutality with make us harden and match over you.
    Try we will turn you like dust in a desert

  3. That’s the problem when soldiers become cadres. Go back to the barracks before you lose the little respect zambians have for you. Soldiers don’t go around threatening civilians. Uganda at one time had the best infantry army in Africa but when idi Amin unleashed them on unarmed civilians they became so useless that when Tanzanian army entered Uganda they scampered in all directions like tu koswe. Harassing poor civilians neutralises your ability and courage to face an armed enext. CK is doing you a favour by saying go back to the barracks.

  4. All the comments above sure are one sided meaning no counter. So bwana let me not add,just go to barracks. Not threatening people you should protect.

  5. Ok these soldiers ? what exactly did CK say and why are soldiers reacting in such a manner ? We need to know , soldiers are not a group of corrupt individuals , but when provoked , it is totally regrettable : Can somebody tell us one more time , what happened ?

  6. These useless stupid soldiers that have fought a war!!
    Zambian soldiers are only good at collecting faeces from the streets! That is the only war they have ever fought!! Useless fattened soldiers that cant even mount a coup against a hopeless Lungu Govt!

  7. Hey you bloggers! Do you know that you are playing with fire? The best Kambwili can do is take his mouth and not his torn trousers to the tailor for sawing. Chilandelande, yesterday he insulted Tongas; today it’s ECL and now it’s soldiers and we don’t know who CK will insult tomorrow.


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