Easter has gone sour for the United universe Pentecostal church of Solwezi this morning, as the main pastor nicknamed “Papa Miracle” was this early morning caught having sex with a praise team church member.

The pastor identified as Pastor Elisha Mubita had earlier requested for all the praise team members to go with him on the mountain for prayers..

He yesterday convinced the congregation to let him go with the praise team as he saw it that praying and worshipping on the mountain will bring more dominion on a Saturday church service..

But unfortunately the pastor had other plans with a church member identified as Monica Nakachila a praise leader and daughter of their church Elder.

The two were caught this morning pants down in a bush away from the mountain by church members who started looking for them since last night when they went missing from the mountain.

Immediately they were caught, the praise team unidentified member believed to be Monica’s boyfriend, called people back home to come witness the incident. He explained that the pastor wanted to bribe them by keeping the story as a secret as he claimed the Holy Spirit spoke to him to sleep with Monica for she was going to go through burrenness in her life after marriage. So his intentions were to help her by destroying the burreness demon through his holy sex..

The pastor was later tied together with his elder brother who came to his defense saying he also saw the same vision of a burren young lady needed to be helped

#Wonders shall never end


  1. …at what point is this a crime…to warranty the tying and all the embarrassment…. The mistake he made was to invite the entire team to go by mountain… How did he see it possible to seek out without being noticed???? When both he and Monica being focal people by virtual of their positions…. That’s the only mistake I see, otherwise they both can enjoy if they are of age and the sex was consensual…..whoever didn’t have sex on Easter and have never sinned of any mischief must cast a stone on these two….

  2. At my Church (one of the traditional ones) ‘Ve never heard of vows being exchanged between boy friend and girl friend. If this guy was not happy his girl friend was busy with another man, he has to decide to stay or walk away. She is not his wife. Maybe the Pastor is married then his Wife can take it up with him? Sorry just my thoughts!!!!


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