There’s definitely something very different about the Socialist Party, its leaders, cadres and supporters.
It cannot be denied that this new party is growing at a very fast rate.

It cannot also be denied that this new party has an outlook and approach that is very different from the other political parties.

And its organisation is amazing. Despite the rains, its rally in Matero’s Zingalume area was a delight to see – the singing, dancing, slogans and discipline brought hope and joy to one’s troubled heart.

The speeches were really unique. Very clear! No name calling, insults, threats, boasting and full of truth, depth and wisdom.

Look at their humility!
Look at how peaceful it was – no pangas, not a single case of violence or injury.
Look at how cultured they were!
Look at their commitment! Not even a downpour could stop them. They braved the rains, ignored it and went ahead with their rally!

Look at how happy they were – really happy faces!
Their cultural ensemble – the Nsingu Brigade was marvellous with its Ngoni dances.
As we say, while others imitate, they originate!

One can’t simply ignore them. They have a presence.
They seem to be party with a very clear mission and which one should closely follow. Their message was very clear. And they seem to have started on the right note or cord and at the right place. One can only wish them well and hope that all our political parties will conduct themselves in such a peaceful and respectful way.



  1. Its nice to hear, its always nice to start at a good note. Hope the reporter isnt just excited. You have not said the high points said at the rally. My real concern is your Socialism! Socialism, back to socialism?
    All we know about it is it is a once upon a time failed system. Thats a fact, and that where it has endured , there is serious dictatorship their. So, well, perhaps the today young ones who did not live in the era of socialism will see it as fashionable and new style pokitics, it can be hard to convince the old guards, particularly those who have read the history of socialism. I am sure however that m’membe and team must have done their homework.


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