Government has succumbed to international pressure, with most foreign countries raising concern as to why Zambia is trying to hide the cure for HIV in the Sondashi formula.

Dr. Ludwig Sondashi discovered the real cure for AIDS in the year 2000, but ever since, government has been pushing aside the approval of this useful medicine because they still want to eat donor money through various HIV programs.

But hundreds of people including foreign nationals have been traveling to Chilanga to purchase the cure for AIDS which has worked out perfectly for them.

Dr. Sondashi has since been allowed to demonstrate how the SF2000 works during a meeting tomorrow to be held at Lusaka’s government complex.

Once approved, hundreds of selfish Zambians who are living on donor aid and funding of HIV programs risk becoming destitutes as more donors will withdraw aid and later fund SF2000 that was discovered 18 years ago but was being hidden by Zambian governments.


  1. .I took SF2000 6 months in
    2013,since then I am healthy person free from any medication of any sickness. MAY GOOD BLESS MR SONDASH AND HIS SF2000

  2. Even arm critics did a PHD on Sondashi. Support you local team and when they fall, pick them up. Unless it’s Chilufya Tayali. When that idiot falls, leave on the ground and look away. Well done Sondashi. This is progressive news!


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