Dr Ludwig Sondashi, the inventor of the Sondashi Formular 2000 HIV herbal remedy has claimed that over 1,000 people have been cured off HIV after taking his medicine by 2018/2019.

Dr Sondashi said his herbal remedy is like a Gold mine which Zambia should seriously explore to address the HIV pandemic.

He said many Zambians including some Ministers in the PF government are taking the Sondashi Formula which is also known as SF 2000.

Dr Sondashi reaffirmed that the SF 2000 is a proven cure for HIV and AIDS.

Speaking to Zambian Watch in an interview today, Dr. Sondashi says he is still suprised why the Zambian Government can not introduce the sondashi formula in all hospitals.

“I don’t understand why the Zambian government has been reluctant on this issue. Since I discovered the medicine in 2000, only the late Mwanawasa’s government showed seriousness to developing this medicine commercially, its bad he died but the other Presidents including President Lungu have not really shown so much interest in this medicine. This is a Gold mine, if Zambia became serious with this innovation, it could solve a lot of problems, we would stop borrowing and youth unemployment would be gone,” Dr Sondashi said.

He added, “Many people have being cured after taking my medicine, I think over 1,000 as of 2018/2019 people are on our records of being cured.”

He revealed that the SF 2000 has been proven to have safety and efficacy components able to cure HIV as stated by the first clinical trials conducted on 10 patients by late Dr Patrick Chikusu.

“Dr Chikusu’s findings were further authenticated by a panel of scientists in South Africa at a reputable laboratory who found that the medicine was able to kill the HIV virus,” he said.

Dr Sondashi revealed that he discovered the herbal remedy when he set out in pursuit of medicine to cure his Son who later died.

“I was motivated to go out and search for herbs when my Son was ill and conventional medicine failed to cure him, so I went village to village asking people if they knew of any herbs that could cure him and I collected a number of herbs and I just heard something in me directing me to add the herbs together, I think it was just an act of God.”

He also accused western governments of blocking the of his medicine because they have an interest in the manufacturing and supplying of ARVs to Africa.


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