Mutale Nalumango


United Party for National Development National Chairman, Mutale Nalumango says it is unrealistic for the Patriotic Front who are using tax payer’s money to use _Sontapo_ to challenge the opposition because It’s President Hakainde Hichilema has never presided over the country’s resources as the case is with President Edgar Lungu.

Ms Nalumango was responding to a caller who challenged her that the Patriotic Front has delivered development and come 2021 ni _sontapo_ wabomba because people can see compared to President Hakainde Hichilema who has nothing to _Sontapo_ .

She said this when she featured on Radio Phoenix “Let the people talk” programme.

Ms Nalumango said asking President Hakainde Hichilema to _Sontapo_ is simply *bukopo* because it is similar to asking Edgar Lungu to _sontapo_ on what he did before he became Republican President as they will be nothing he will point at beside his personal asset.

“ _Sontapo wabomba_ is a deceptive and a wrong slogan to contend against the opposition like the UPND because it’s President Hakainde Hichilema has never presided over the country’s resources whether you like or not one would not say sontapo to even late Fredrick Titus Chiluba or late Michael Sata to _sontapo_ before they became Presidents because they had no authourity over the country’s resources just like President Edgar Lungu has nothing to _sontapo_ before he became President. Sontapo bukopo” said Ms Nalumango.

She said the Patriotic Front should also know that development is meaningless if it does not relate to people’s needs as the case is in Zambia where hunger and poverty has taken centre stage.

She also said that Zambia would not have plunged itself into the debt and hunger situation had the Patriotic Front listened to President Hichilema’s advise against wreckless borrowing and exporting maize.

Ms Nalumango said, it is sad that the Patriotic Front which has willfully remained deaf to advise from the opposition has mismanaged agriculture which is an economic pillar with the potential to stabilize the economy.

“As UPND we will enhance agriculture activities with science and technology and integrate it into the macro economy.” said Ms Nalumango.

She also said Zambia today is in a huge debt and severe hunger situation because the Patriotic Front have chosen to be willfully deaf to any advise given to them by the opposition.

She said Zambia had rains in 2017/2018 season and asked what government did with the water including other water bodies that Zambia accomodates.

“unfortunately the PF are too busy with activities that do not benefit the people of Zambia but themselves.”





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