Remmy Kangwa Writes:


Dear Ladies the Story you tell about your sisteraffect all of you, make sure you tell good ones, it affects how men look at you, the story of NAMATAMA.

I feel sorry for her, especially if that video was published by her friends without her knowledge, that’s really sad… However, History repeats itself maybe she also wanted to be famous like the sister through the same plan.

However, if really that happened by her friend out of jealous then no one is to trust. The negative reputation is not cool for a young lady.

I have taught at a girls boarding school and have stayed in boys boarding school, pupils careless about how they look when in the doms, even guys would stay naked which is normal. Now my question is HOW DID SHE GET HER PHONE IN SCHOOL… I thought they don’t allow anyway.

This experience should tell Pupils a story… When teachers say leave your phones home… Please do that.

Lastly, people sharing the Video kindly stop and help the girl build her confidence again, it’s really not fair for her. As a person who respects women I don’t even want to see the video.

Sorry NAMATAMA even this will pass




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