Macky II Apologies

He Writes:

I Have Learnt To Be Thick Skinned And To Ignore All The Nasty Things Said About Me On Social Media.. I Actually Think I Thrive And Perform Better Unpressure. Its My Motivation.

But I Would Be Lying If I Said I Don’t Care What People Think.. Coz I Really Do.

I Understand That I Have A Democratic Right To Choose Whoever I Want To Support.. I Also Understand That A Huge Part Of The Music Is Business.. But..

It’s Selfish For Someone Like Me To Just Look Out For Myself And My Family.

They Say “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.


Sorry To Everyone I Have Let Down.

Those That Know Me Know My Heart Is In The Right Place.



  1. Stupid idiot, just as you reserve the right to choose who to support we also reserve our right to choose to ignore your hopeless sorry, thanks.

  2. Right now you need to be with the one who has gone back, uwabwelelapo palya ali mu 2011. Zambians have also used their democratic right to be with HH. Dununa reverse eyenu imwe bangwele.

  3. Okay I have reservations on this one.
    The questions I have are these
    1. Do you just sing or you’re even attached to these political parties?
    2. Can you sing for different political parties in the same election? More especially the arch rivals
    3. Are you going to sing for PF again or you only sing for a ruling party?

  4. People were into slavery for money, people are into selling human parts for money, people go to sangomas in order to get rich (money), so if you say that you should not be blamed because all you wanted was to put food on the table, then you can as well go for the above vices, we as humans have a lot of ways to get money, some good some bad but our conscious should control us, if Dracula asks me to sing for him, I would not, but if he came to you everyone now can guess what your choice would be. PF WAS AS GOOD AS THE DEVIL UNLESS YOU WERE NOT IN ZAMBIA

  5. Apology Rejected with Contempt:

    From your assertions, it means that even when you know that the Covid_19 Vaccine is Dangerous as its True purpose is to kill 3 Billion People in the world and make those that are able to live not to produce babies especially in Africa.

    A promoter of such diabolical act namely B. Geets gives you 1 million Dollars to hoodwink people through singing that the said vaccine is safe, in your case you would go for the money and coerce nonchalant citizens to accept the vaccine. Shame on you.


  6. I’m reading this for the first time. I don’t know who Marky 2 is, what he does for a living and why he’s apologising. If I were to write this story, I’d write three key parts to enable a comprehensive reading:

    1. Marky has apologised for…
    2. Marky 2 is a popular Zambian chess player/actor/dancer…
    3. He’s said ABCD on TV/Twitter/Facebook…

    Something like this would allow someone like me who is reading about this gentleman for the first time to understand who he is and why he’s apologising.

    Why is this so difficult for our “journalists”?


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