By Mike Sichula

The latest report conducted by the Central Statistical office has revealed that southern province has recorded the highest number of cattle, goat and sheep production while eastern province is topping with pig production.

The 2017-2018 report has established as of January, 2018, Zambia has a cattle population of over 3,700,000 with southern province accounting for the highest number at over 1,300,000 followed by central province.

Luapula Province accounted for the lowest percentage of cattle population at 0.3 percent of the total national stock of cattle.

The report indicates that Zambia has over 3,500,000 goats with southern province topping at 36.0 percent, central province was second at 16.4 percent with western province having the lowest percentage of goat population at 1.9 percent of the national stock.

Under national pig production that stands at over 1,000,000, eastern province accounted for the highest percentage at 28.3 percent followed by southern province at 16.8 percent and Luapula province had the lowest percentage of pig production at 2.0 percent.

Establishments contributed over 47,700 heads of pig production to the national stock and Lusaka province contributed more than half of the national stock at 53 percent.

And commenting on the report, livestock and fisheries permanent secretary Dr. David Shamulenge said he is confident that stakeholders in the livestock and fisheries sector will put findings of the report to good use.


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