‘Spare my marriage; I only cheated 3 times’, cheating wife pleads with court

I ONLY had sex with Moses Sililo three times; the first time in an unfinished building, the second time on our matrimonial bed and the third time at friend’s house, a cheating housewife of Chipata Compound has confessed.

This is in a matter where 44-year-old Ben Bwalya of Chipata Compound in Lusaka has sued his wife Jane Phiri aged 32 for divorce in the Matero Local Court citing adultery as the cause.

Phiri told the court that she opted to sub-contract Sililo who lives in their neighbourhood to provide sexual services to her on the three instances as her husband, was too busy with his phone every time he returned home from work.

However, Phiri begged the court not to end her marriage with Bwalya over a mere three rounds of sex with Sililo. She told the court that her cheating sessions were very brief and her husband should not be granted divorce.

Phiri also promised never to have sex with Sililo again but remain loyal to her husband.

However, Bwalya told the court that his wife’s underplaying of her cheating as being brief encounters could not be verified as she did not provide a time keeper who witnessed their frolicking to corroborate her claims.

He added that he could no longer even cast his eyes on the body of his adulterous wife as her confession was tool filthy for him to swallow.



  1. So if cheating one time is a ground for divorce, to this woman, three times is nothing? Only an idiot masquerading as husband can keep this prostitute for a wife.

  2. The Zambian constitution has given women unnecessary advantages that you need proof and any written communication is not sufficient grounds for divorce is also incorrect. The sharing ratio has promoted married Zambian women to be engaging in adultery. It has to changed because the changes did not consider the nature of Woman as Nigerians say.


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