MAZABUKA Central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo on Wednesday challenged the government to clarify allegations that some PF members had acquired supernatural powers from Seer 1.

The controversial Nigerian prophet – real name Andrew Ejimadu – recently sent shivers in the PF camp when he claimed that he had given supernatural powers to some of its current leaders prior to the 2016 general elections.

He claimed to have helped the ruling party win the 2016 elections and threatened to ‘kill’ those that would not return his so-called ‘do as I say’ powers.

Nkombo said the Seer 1 issue had created anxiety in the minds of Zambians who were questioning what the truth was.

“In the midst of this consternation in our nation, in the anxiety of people using blood through these syringes both in the government media, private media; between government… As I do recall a comment from the Minister of Religious Affairs [Godfridah Sumaili]…about this involvement in acquisition of a supernatural power from the individual who has been deported from this country, who answers to the name Andrew Ejimandu aka Seer 1,” Nkombo said. “Is government in order to remain silent without clarifying this matter which to us is not only of urgent but also utmost importance?”

But Speaker Patrick Matibini guided that supernatural power issues should not be responded to.

Dr Matibini instructed home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo to issue a ministerial statement only on matters to do with public order next Thursday.

“As I have already indicated, the Minister of Home Affairs will address merely the first part…I am sure you have followed it. If you haven’t, I will instruct the Clerk to prepare a transcript; the issue that touches only on portfolio,” directed Dr Matibini. “As minister responsible for home affairs, for those that are supernatural issues, you can circumvent. I will not trouble your office to deal with those natural issues.”


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