Stanislous Chele


LUSAKA 13/01/20

THE UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, UPND has adopted an educationist Stanislaus Chele as its candidate for the forthcoming Chilubi Parliamentary election scheduled for February 13th, 2020 with the partys Elections Chairman Gary Nkombo satisfied with the level of competition that characterized the adoption process.

Announcing Mr.Cheles candidature this afternoon at the Party Secretariat, Mr. Nkombo said the party is very optimistic of scoping the seat considering the quality of the adopted candidate and vowed to give the Patriotic Front another shock defeat.

He said the party is satisfied with its choice and was now looking forward to a peaceful and incident free campaign that will see the UPND scoop its first parliamentary seat in the northern circuit adding that the level of hardships and suffering especially in rural areas under the PF is enough to propel the opposition party to victory.

Flanked by several National Management Committee members, the confident Nkombo said another Lupososhi surprise awaits the PF as the party has done its homework well while advising the PF not to use the UPND regalia to wage a violent campaign and blame it on the party.

He revealed that the party is aware that some of its former senior leaders still has in possession a number of party regalia which include chitenge and T-shirts which they intend to use to wage a violent campaign using cadres clad in UPND regalia and added that the UPND shall not carry any material into the campaign but will instead use the power of persuasion in winning the seat.

Mr. Nkombo said the PF has felt the UPND pressure and is aware of the challenge that awaits it in Chilubi as local electorates have passed a vote of no confidence in the party owing to its poor governance, social and economic record which has left the people more vulnerable and desperate than ever before.

He disagreed with the PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s assertion that the Northern Circuit is a PF stronghold saying the ruling party currently has no stronghold as evidenced by its loss in the Ilambo ward election as the entire country is suffering under the PF misguided rule and the UPND was ready to fill in the leadership gaps created by the patriotic front.

The party has further appointed its deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka as campaign manager to spearhead campaigns on the mainland and deputized by its deputy Chairman for Mines and Mineral Development Giles Yambayamba while its Chairman for Industrial development Bernard Mpundu will lead the team on the island and deputized by Deputy Chairperson for Finance and Economics, Grace Chibwa.

Meanwhile, Mufumbwe’s Munyambala ward councilor Steven Nshimbi has rescinded his decision to resign from his position and defect to the ruling Patriotic Front after being promised a job and some undisclosed amounts of money saying his decision was after a thorough soul searching process.

Mr.Nshimbi said his conscience could not allow him to abandon the people and the party that expressed their faith and trust in him by voting for him hence his decision to rescind the decision and has since written back to the Mufumbwe Town Council Chairman informing him of the decision while all formalities have since been finalized.





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