Stealing from husbands pocket lands wife in jail

A WIFE of Solwezi is spending her early 2021 winter days in the chilled cells of Solwezi Police Station after her ‘clever’ act to nick some change from her husbands trousers got her in big trouble with the law.

Sources close to the matter narrate that Bridget Mbowazi, 22 had been complaining that her husband was a SMAZ member as despite having loads of cash stuffed in his pockets, he did not share with her.

However, on Monday, Bridget got fed up with her stingy husband and took matters into her own fingers.

It is told that when Mbowaz stripped naked and enveloped himself in a towel to go and bath, Bridget dipped her morally unmanicured fingers into the husbands Jean trousers pockets and got K1,600.00 for herself.

Happy with her successful raid, Bridget dashed off to an Airtel Money Booth to hide her loot lest her husband combs the house for his money.

However, Bridget’s joy turned to sorrow when the booth attendant instead of looking for the usual float instead screamed to the public to pounce on Bridget for trying to defraud her with fake notes.

The members of the public quickly heeded to the Booth Banker’s plea and effected a citizens arrest on Bridget and later took her to police.

Meanwhile, Joel Njase, Commissioner of Police for North Western Province in confirming the incident said that police have also picked up Mbowaz following his wife’s plea that she was only a humble thief and not a counterfeiter.

Meanwhile, Mbowaz has denied being the owner of the fake notes found with his wife.

The couple is set to go to trial soon.



  1. There are so many places to hide money in the house, this to me sounds like something she has been doing for sometime. Thanks to the alert Airtel booth keeper, this is a warning to all Booth operators, have knowledge of the features of the real notes for you to easily identify fake ones.


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