FILE PICTURE: Zambia's opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President, Chilufya Tayali, currently in court over Facebook posting


By Chilufya Tayali

There is not pride in being a Teacher in Zambia because it has been stolen by those who are supposed to look into the welfare of the teachers.

The Ministry and the Teaching Council are abusing teachers because they can’t fight back. Their unions have also just turned into parasites levying teachers yet they are not defending them from abuse, manipulations and exploitation.

Teachers are being treated like children, ordered to do this and that in the name of being a civil servant. Teachers are so scared of losing their jobs or being being transfered to hell. This is unacceptable.

How can a normal Provincial Education Officer ask Teachers to contribute money to buy a bus, while PS Henry Tukombe is sitting in office, drawing Tax-payers money, to serve both the welfare of pupils and Teachers.

Madam Ruth Zulu what is going on, were you a teacher before or you are a PF cadre, because you seem to be behaving like a PF cadre at Soweto market levying marketeers.
I know David Mabumba has just come in the Ministry, but hey…. he has been there long enough to stop some of these nonsense.

Ever since David Mabumba came to this Ministry, he has been quiet, as if he is protesting for being transfered from the rich Energy Ministry where he used to talk in millions at ZESCO and oil deals. Unfortunately at the his knew Ministry, there are less deals, so all they do, is to levy Teachers like cadres at the bus station (something I want to come and stop when I am Mayor).

No, BaDavid Mabumba, you are a politician, save the teachers from this exploitation because very soon you will need them. Your boss Edgar Lungu has already started campaigning for 2021, where will he get the votes if you are allowing the Teaching Council to bully teachers like at Boarding school.

Please BaDavid, bakalamba, intervene in the welfare of Teachers to mitigate the situation for teachers, give them respect to motivate them. You are supposed to be increasing their salaries not cutting them through dubious teaching practice work permits as if they are not Zambians.

Batukombe, bamudala, you are my elder brother though you don’t answer my calls, thinking that I want to levy you the same way you do to Teachers, I just call you because I want to remind you of some of your responsibilities, so that you can serve better. I will be proud and brag of you, as my elder brother, if you serve people better, not what is going on. Stop that Education officer asking Teachers to buy a bus.

I hope you will act because, tomorrow, you will accuse me of talking too much. For me, I have no bias, napapata reduce the Teaching practice Levy and stop all the fake donations you are asking from teachers.

I will go to Church and pray for you so that you can realise that you are not gods to be troubling people.

That is why I want to become Mayor so that I can declare some of you enemies of the city of Lusaka, together with your President, if you continue on this trajectory.



  1. Tayali is talking sence, jst ask yoselves where re the moneys going nd if there is a report on hw much ve bin accumulated nd channelled.

  2. Give upraisal were it’s due, tayali has spoken and it’s touch and go. Read between lines, there is sense muli tayali and its too much with teachers being levied please twapapta

  3. Comment:Oh yes its true brethren let’s give credit where it is due. Tayali is right. Teachers are being treated like commoners these days . This trend should come to an end.


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