Sunday Chanda


In an apparent U turn that has caused confusion among invited guests and journalists, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has denied any knowledge of a press conference that he is said to have called at the PF Party Secretariat this afternoon.

Chanda is a strong protege and advocate of what many observers and political pundits view as a conspiracy theory and bizzare claim, that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema sold the Zambian mines in the Government managed privatisation exercise under the MMD in the early 90s.

In a live Radio interview with *Radio Christian Voice* yesterday, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema offered as a reward, a fully furnished three bedroomed house, to anyone who would provide evidence that he actually sold the mines.

The PF led by Sunday Chanda have pushed a political theory that has largely been unproven that Hichilema sold the mines, even though the exercise was a parliament legislated process driven by a consortium of individuals, local and international organizations which included the IMF, the World Bank and the Government of Zambia. President Fredrick Chiluba appointed former ZCCM CEO Francis Kaunda as the Chief Architect of the sale.

Mr Kaunda served a jail term after the Zambian courts established and found him guilty of abusing the proceeds of the mines sale.

It has recently surfaced that President Edgar Lungu headed one of the groups that facilitated the sale of a group of Government parastatals.

Early this year State House press aide Amos Chanda announced to the nation that Government was in the process of forming a commission of enquiry to ascertain who and how the Zambian mines were sold. Upon stumbling on the information that Mr Lungu participated in the process, the idea of forming of the commission of enquiry appeared to have been remarkably abandoned and was never brought up for further discussion.

Sunday Chanda rubbished the claims of a press conference in which he had announced that he had evidence that would enable him win the fully furnished three bedroomed offered by Mr Hichilema.

“It has been brought to my attention that UPND is circulating a fake notice to the effect that I will be holding a Press conference to react desperation of their leader regarding his role in the infamous privatization of the parastatals. The said notice is a hoax”, read part of the statement by Mr Chanda.

Mr Sunday Chanda is however not a stranger to controversy. Early this year he forged a letter purported to have been written by late PP’s President Mike Mulongoti who was seriously ill in a South African hospital, in which it was claimed he had severed ties with UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and that he had extended his apologies to President Edgar Lungu for having slandered him.

Former Zambian High Commission to Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba denied Mr Mulongoti ever authored such a letter which was later traced to Sunday Chanda.

Chanda further forged a letter purported to have been authored by Saboi Imboela the spokesperson of NDC. Imboela confronted Chanda who failed to make any defense to his schemes. With the credibility gap as evidenced from the foregoing, it is therefore difficult to believe Mr Sunday Chanda’s denials that he never called for a press conference at the PF Secretariet this afternoon.


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