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_By Sunday Chilufya Chanda_

When two egomaniacs that have nothing in common except their greed for power and a mutual disdain of each other conjugate in political unholy matrimony, the consummation of their morbid marriage of inconvenience begets nothing but brute perversion.

The deliberate ignoring of truth and twisting of facts by National Democratic Congress ‘Insultant’ Chishimba Kambwili and his newly found infatuation with the imprudent itches of UPND Life President Hakainde Hichilema make a rather peculiar specimen of the delusional tendencies of self-seeking purveyors of sensationalism.

Their raw psychotic presentation is a bizarre novelty – a collector’s item.

Kaput Kambwili:

Kambwili attempts to mask his lack of comprehension with a false bravado.

This regularly manifests through his tendency to speak before he listens and it is a telling symptom of an acute deficiency of cognitive abilities exacerbated by a remarkable surplus of gauche.

It explains why he holds the dishonourable record as the only Minister in Zambia’s history to have been moved between a number of ministries within a ridiculously short time.

His weakness of speaking ahead of his thinking renders him a solo misfit who finds the concept of team work alien; and in his delusion – he thinks it’s a macho thing!

There is sadly very little between those ears-no gumption!

We find it of great concern that our wayward brother and his UPND partner in slime cannot understand a plain memo that is in the public domain written with so much clarity and a Parliamentary standing Order he accepted (which was written and debated in plain language).

We will explain it to them again:

_The Government has withdrawn the motor vehicle replacement allowance for Cabinet ministers effective January 1, 2019 in adherence to the austerity measures government has put in place._

_Government has made the decision because it is fiscally untenable to continue providing the allowance at the fixed monthly rate of K32, 715.20 for each Cabinet and Provincial Minister which was being effected through the payroll._

These measures that are meant to save funds and they point to the goodwill and integrity of the government.

However, the increments Kambwili is bellyaching about were effected in January 2018 across the Board via an adjustment to the Parliamentary Standing Order for the remuneration of all MPs, Ministers and all constitutional office holders including the Speaker of the National assembly, Cabinet Ministers, Judges, Director of Public Prosecutions etcetera.

Kambwili knows fully well about this particular standing order and the increment thereof which he did not challenge but gladly accepted in January 2018.

He is also aware of parliamentary procedures and rules that do not allow Members of Parliament to debate themselves.

1. _Members of Parliament (MP) salaries have been increased: why hasn’t he protested?_

2. _Can Kambwili tell Zambians that he has not been receiving the increased Salary over the past 11 months? Mr Kambwili cannot talk about integrity._

3. _Isn’t this the same Kambwili who not so long ago said he had “worked for the money” and consequently refused to pay back the disputed Ministers salaries?_

4. _Why the convenient sudden U-turn if not for political expedience?_

5. _Does he forget how when he was Minister of Youth & Sport he was once warned by former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to desist from raising funds in the name of the Party?_

6. _Isn’t this the unethical backstabber who late President Michael Sata called out for campaigning to take over from him while the President was still alive?_

7. _What integrity can Kambwili talk about?_

8. _How moral is it for him to continue holding on to being an MP just so that he can continue drawing a National Assembly salary and other emoluments?_

9. _If the PF are corrupt as he alleges, why is he fraudulently holding on to PF membership and receiving a salary on a PF seat in Parliament?_

Kambwili’s hatred for the Chinese is confirmation of our belief that one thing he shares in common with his UPND counterpart is their bile and constipation with xenophobia.

We refuse to join Kambwili in his race to the bottom. We, however wish to agree with Mr. Kambwili that indeed “KAPOLI NI KAPOLI”.

Not even the discerning government unions he’s calling on can take his flip flopping seriously…they know better and they understand better.

We are a tolerant people but he must not take our meekness for weakness; this the last time he will insult President Lungu and not bear the consequences. His verbal grime will soon be taken to the cleaners.. “Mumbwe aitile mpashi..nokumububa shamububa”.

The Hoax and Inconsistencies in Hakainde

Perversity makes strange bedfellows and strange bedfellows engage in deceitful prattle.

One wonders how Hichilema could allow himself to be misled by a dunce like Kambwili.

As stated earlier the increments were effected in January 2018 across the Board via an adjustment to the Parliamentary Standing Order for the remuneration of all MPs, Ministers and all constitutional office holders.

It cannot be overemphasised that ALL Members of Parliament including Kambwili and those from UPND were aware of this standing order and the related increment, which they too did not challenge but gleefully accepted in January 2018.

1. _Can Hon Jack Mwiimbu as leader of the Opposition in Parliament agree with Hichilema his Party President that the increased emolument he’s been receiving for the past 11 months are illegal?_

2. _Can Hon Cornelius Mweetwa and other UPND Members of Parliament agree with their Party leader Hakainde Hichilema that the increased salary they received for the past 11 months indeed deserves a protest?_

This confirms what we have always stated about Hakainde- that he is a two faced acrimonious man who does not mean well for dialogue.

There he was seated next to a vulgar juvenile trapped in an old man’s body yapping invectives against the Chinese and insulting the President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Insults against the President are music to Hichilema’s ears. There he was smiling at the insults. How bizarre!

He has a fine way of showing his interest in dialogue!

The only thing consistent about this embattled politician facing political extinction are his inconsistencies.(What else can be expected from a person who has misled a party for over 12 years without a Manifesto).

Like Kambwili, this is one person who can neither talk about rights nor say anything about integrity.

How can he talk about “rights” when he vehemently campaigned against the Bill of Rights? What a shameless man!

How can he talk about integrity with Public Resources when he has conveniently chosen to keep mute rather than respond to unanswered questions regarding his role as a Government appointed Valuator during the Privatisation Process?

Why has he been ducking and diving?

Why doesn’t he just answer the questions and provide closure to the many unanswered questions on how he acquired his alleged major shares in Sun Hotels Livingstone?

What about the Millions of dollars overseas stashed away in overseas tax havens as reported by the Panama Papers?

How does he explain that?

In conclusion, as can be seen above when two disorderly megalomaniacs share an unbridled jealousy for the astute leadership of the President, and when their infatuation with each other is driven by a twisted jealousy and envy for the Progress and Development the Head of State is spearheading; they manifest a hallucinogenic desperation.

Strange bedfellows do strange things; nobody wants to be a part of their delusions.


The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director
At the Patriotic Front Secretariat


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