SUNDAY CHANDA QUESTIONS KAMBWILI’S STATE OF MIND (just who are you and what have you done to the Chishimba kambwili we once knew?)

Lsk. Mon. Aug. 12. 2019

He is not the Chishimba Kambwili we used to know in the Patriotic Front.

Patriotic Front Media Director Mr Sunday Chanda says the Patriotic Front is concerned about Mr Chishimba Kambwilis state of mind because the things he is saying defy logic.

Mr Chanda says is convinced that something must have happened somewhere to the former Information Minister because he is no longer the man they once knew.

He said going by the ammount of insults and falsehoods he is able to cook up shamelessly against the Head of State, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, it was safe to conclude that there is need for those that are close to him to encourage him to visit the nearest mental health facility.

Mr Chanda said this in a recording made available to the Press this evening.

He said Mr Kambwili had yet again been caught telling lies to the people of Zambia and exaggerating facts when all he needed to have done was search for and download the Presidents Speech to know the exact cost of the Bangweulu Regional Hospital being constructed in Lupososhi, Northern Zambia.

“He lies that the Bangweulu health facility has been inflated in terms of cost,”

“We want to place on record that as a Party, we are worried about Mr Kambwilis state of mind,”

“We do not think that he is the Kambwili we used to know. We don’t think that he is the Kambwili we used to have in the Patriotic Front,”

Something has seriously gone wrong with our brother going by the ammount of insults that he pours on the Head of State, unprovoked insults and the ammount of lies he is able to tell without any sence of shame,”

we are seriously worried and concerned about his state of mind and encourage that those that surround him do the needful by encouraging our brother to visit the next health facility, “Chanda said.

In a recording that has gone viral, Chishimba Kambwili is heard accusing the President of commissioning the construction of Bangweulu Regional Hospital at $154,174 340.72 when in fact the President said the ultra morden state of the art facility will be erected at a total cost of K154, 174 340.72.

This has caused several sections of society including the Civil Society to lash out at Kambwili calling him irresponsible for misinforming the Public, an action which has the potential to bring anarchy in the nation.


  1. How come ECL insults HH a lot, leaving Kambwili who insults him everyday? ECL sleeps dreaming of HH and he works up it is HH.


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