Police in Nyimba have arrested four people in connection with the murder of an albino last week.

Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda told journalists on Wednesday that the first suspect was apprehended on Saturday after a tip off from villagers who said they spotted him talking to the deceased at Abraham village prior to his death.

Kunda explained that the suspect led police to the arrest of another assailant at a police check point in Kacholola on Tuesday.

He explained that the two suspects then led police to the arrest of a couple which is alleged to have initiated the killing of the albino for suspected rituals.

Kunda said the four will be charged with murder.
On Thursday, 39-year-old Gift Tembo of Abraham village in
chief Ndake’s area was brutally murdered by unknown people at his house around 01:00 hours.

The attackers slit his throat and attempted to run away with his body but dumped it when the relatives of the deceased gave chase.

And Albino Foundation of Zambia president John Chiti said his
foundation would get in touch with the family of the deceased to see the kind of support they could provide.

“It is always a sad moment when we hear such news. We are saddened by the loss. What we are trying to do is to get in touch with the family and see what kind of support and anything else that can be done. We strongly condemn such killings. We just appeal to the relevant authorities to make sure that the culprits are brought to book,” he said.

Chiti also advised families with albinos to be careful because their lives were at risk.

“Eastern Province has so far recorded the highest number of cases so it is a source of concern to us. We suspect the province is recording a lot of cases because of the border with Malawi that something could be going on regarding the selling of body parts from one country to the other,” said Chiti.



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